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About Us

The eyes are the window to the soul
Protecting eyesight and improving humans¡¯ visual perception is See World¡¯s tireless pursuit in a decade.
See World focus on the field of Optometry and creates a perfect combination of lens and visual, which is a brighter new star in Optometry.
See World is joint venture company of Essilor International, which covers 100,000 square meters, with the gross investment of 2,000,000 US dollars and it has 600 staff
See World owns the most advanced production lines to produce the coating and the substrates of the plastic optical lens. Also, it equipped with the high-tech facilities to produce the FREE FORM lens
Our products are sold in Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and other countries and areas. 
In nowadays, modern science and technology are used to create the optometry in new area.
See World¡¯s tireless pursuit to the quality ensures the every lens produced by See World having very high quality.
We have gained the approval of the ISO 9001 certificate, FDA, CE and other more certification.
Not only each lens should be produced perfectly and precisely, but also should be inspected carefully and repeatedly
Strict quality assurance system  covers all product lines and service quality parts
Every steps are enforced with strict standards.
See World as a top optical manufacture in the world continually provides solutions of optometry application.
Our products cover from low index to middle index and high index, from single vision to progressive and bifocal, from white lens to photochromic lens, Which provide the customers with different requirements for the optometry .
See World¡¯s FREE FORM designed progressive lenses are combined the technologies and innovation from Shamir and Essilor 
Double Aspheric
Which creates double aspheric lens, relax lens, reading lens, driving lens intouch lens, autograph lens and a variety of products with  the latest and top design.
Whatever environment you are in,
and from any eye position to watch the words and scenery
It will provide you an unprecedented clear view
Let you won¡¯t feel any visual disorder
See World even launched the brand new products with the best coating in the world, such as the ESPF 15 coating, anti-oil coating, and anti-scratch coating 
The 1.56 UV400 FastChange Photochromic lens has won national science and technology innovation Awards
It¡¯s discoloration and faded speed is well ahead of the similar products, And it¡¯s speed to change the color of the plastic lens is the fastest in the world.
See world¡¯s PRIMER HARD COATING LENS AND SUPER PLIABLE COATING LENS make the middle index and high index lens can be approved by American FDA certificate
While See World brings today's most advanced optical products to consumers around the world, at the same time, it more commits to promoting the lens production standardization construction in China and fundamentally improves the standardized question of the lens production to identical with the international standard
So that the global consumer can wear safe , clear, beautiful, comfortable and high quality lenses.
It's See world¡¯s mission to promote the development of optometry products using science and technology and improve optometry experience of human constantly.
see a better world
see a better you
It¡¯s our commitment to the world and ambition of each staff of See World.

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